Local Impact

Go Team – LifeBridge

We are an alliance of people standing as bridges to help build strong peoplestrong families, and strong neighborhoods.

Our mission is to stand alongside and advocate for individuals, recognizing the extraordinary value, worth, and beauty inherent in every person. We prioritize face-to-face interactions as a means of building relationships and reducing fear through shared experiences and stories. We seek to identify gaps in services and resources within our neighborhoods, focusing on areas that are overlooked or unaddressed by existing organizations. Rather than replicating or competing with these services, we aim to collaborate with them and find creative solutions to address challenges in our communities. Our approach is rooted in thinking outside the box and finding new and innovative ways to make a positive impact. We believe that our work is more effective, longer-lasting, and more fulfilling when we partner with others who share our vision and goals.

LifeBridge at PHC

Pure Heart is proud to make the LifeBridge at Pure Heart Resource Center available to our church family and community members, offering assistance in job interview/resume skills, financial literacy, spiritual support and other life skills. We are also able to direct clients to additional resources available within our community.

School Connect

School Connect exists to connect faith communities and businesses to adopt local schools in mutually beneficial partnerships. We host a yearly School Connect Summit, train churches and community partners how to adopt schools and lead the Love Our Schools Day Initiative.