Love Our Schools, Love Our Children!

I remember being shocked the day I first became a grandmother. Those tiny little fingers held my heart with unexpected power and I knew in an instant that it doesn’t matter how much time passes or which generation we welcome into our lives; our children are priceless to us. My grandson Kaden is an old…


Personal Bill of Rights

It’s interesting how something that affects your life in a profound way is something that you want to share with others. Most good knowledge is spread through word of mouth from direct experience. If it helped you heal from a specific wound or hurt, you want someone else to experience that same healing as well….


Paper, Paper and More Paper!!!

  How many sheets of paper do you think the average school-aged child uses in a day? Take that number and multiply it by 180, the average number of days in a school year.  Then multiply that by the number of kids who attend the school. That’s a lot of paper!!! LoveOurSchools is all about…