Doing Life Together is a Good Thing.

Harvey and Nancy Steffan are two leaders of a life connection group called “Legacy”. Legacy is meant for adults 55 years and older, and they meet Sunday mornings at Pure Heart at 10:15am. “We do life together, and that’s a good thing.” Quotes Nancy when I asked her what the main factor of their group…

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The Power of Forgiveness

  Sandra Tesch’s story is powerful and heartwrenching. Through it, you will see the power of God’s forgiveness over the wounds of the past and the restoration of relationships.

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Why I Am A #PHCommunity Core Team Leader

Pure Heart has some of the most amazing and dedicated leaders that I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  Regardless of the task set before them, positive attitudes and a true heart for Jesus are always present.  I have had the extreme pleasure of working with several over the last few years as I…