Are ready for the next step in prayer?  Join us for one of the Threshold Intensive Conferences.   These are INTENSIVE trainings on prayer; prayer ministry; and prayer leadership.  Pastor’s and prayer leaders will be attending from across the valley and even the country.  If you are ready to make giant steps forward in your prayer and prayer leadership then consider attending one of the Threshold Intensive Conferences April 1-4th.
The Threshold Basic Conference is a two day introduction to the importance of prayer in ministry and the practical prayer methods.  These values will infuse energy into your prayer life, your church, or your organization’s prayer effort.
The Threshold Advanced Conference is a four day conference that covers all the Threshold principles, practices and insights we have learned over the last two decades.   Threshold Intensive Advanced Course is not for the faint of heart but if you are serious about prayer, prayer ministry, and prayer leadership this conference is just for you.