Friday, February 11th, 2022

8:30am – 4:30pm

2022 Building the Resilient Church Conference

“Bringing Hope & Healing to the Faith Community”

Registration is now closed. Walk-ins are welcome. $35 per person due at time of walk-in.

Let’s build the resilient Church together

  • Learn how the church can impact those affected by trauma, addiction, and mental illness
  • Be a part of the solution to build a thriving and resilient church
  • Hear from community experts as they address each critical issue effecting our community and give us practical ways to respond to these issues.
  • Leverage what you have learned and respond with the best and most appropriate care for those in your church.


Dan Steffen

Sr. Pastor

Pure Heart Church

Sanghoon Yoo

Faithful City & Founder of the AZ Trauma Informed Faith Community

Brenda Cochran

Director of Counseling

Pure Heart Church

Tyler Johnson

Redemption Church

Dr. Bob Rhoton

CEO AZ Trauma Institute

Kavita Bernstein

Chair of AZ ACE Consortium

Jesse Kohler

Executive Director of Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy & Practice

Laura Howe

Founder, Hope Made Strong

Church Mental Health Summit

Rick Griffin

Director of

Already Registered?

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