Starting Point

Life can be viewed as a journey where resources are gathered, distance is traveled, adventures and challenges are encountered. Starting Point is designed to help you identify your next steps on the journey. Next steps help us identify what to do in our movement toward God and what we need for the journey. Whether it is the beginning of your walk with Jesus, or you are seeking to deepen your established relationship with your heavenly Father there is always a next step on the journey.

Life Groups

Life Groups are healthy, missional, community-based groups where we encourage one another as we ‘become more like Jesus for the sake of others’. Life Groups are for everyone – families, men, women, those who are married and who are single, and people of any age! Individual groups decide how often they meet and can easily meet in a home, coffee shop, or anywhere convenient; Life Groups provide flexibility for real life.

Large Group Ministries

We have several Large Group Ministries that are based around common interests,  demographics, and seasons of life. Large Group Ministries including:
Men, Women, Legacy (seniors), and Marriage.


Wellness at Pure Heart desires to help you find your starting point.  We provide professional “whole-person” assessments that will help you find a path to wellness specific to you.  We will assess your emotional & spiritual health, your nutrition & physical condition.  This assessment will provide you with a comprehensive plan to create transformation & healing for the whole person.

In our Fitness Center, you can also discover a variety of opportunities to fit all levels of fitness including those with physical limitations or disability. Semester classes include; group fitness classes, core/flexibility/stability training, and resistance with weights choreographed to music.

Pastoral Care / Chaplains

Our Pastoral Care team is here to provide spiritual support, guidance, funeral and bereavement assistance, and hospital visits. At Pure Heart Church, we are here as a church family to support you during these times of hurt or loss.

Online Resources

Take advantage of these tools and resources to help you grow in your walk with the Lord.