Pastoral Care / Support

Sometimes, life hurts. We have a team ready to ensure that no one faces life’s challenges alone. Our Pastoral Care Team is here to walk alongside people through significant life milestones, unique life circumstances, and during difficult times of hurt or loss.
If you need immediate crisis counseling or care, call the valley-wide behavioral health crisis line at (602) 222-9444.

Talk With a Pastor

Are you ready to take a step and get connected, but not sure where to start? One of our pastors would love to help you identify your next step!

Hospital & Long-Term Care

Teams of trained, caring members are available to visit for prayer and encouragement if you, or someone you know, is hospitalized or in a long-term care facility.  Virtual options are available as well.

Pastoral Counseling

Our Pastoral Counseling offers Biblical, solution-focused coaching and counsel provided by a Board Certified Pastor. This short-term option provides supplemental support to our professional counseling services.


In time of loss, it is important to be able to lean on a community that is understanding and compassionate. We offer Celebration of Life services on our campuses and provide additional resourcing for ongoing care and support.


Our volunteer chaplains serve the spiritual and emotional needs of others, and support the ministry roles of Pure Heart Pastors. Chaplains provide a variety of services including weddings, Celebration of Life services, communion, and visitations to care facilities and through hospice. Many of our chaplains also serve throughout the community in settings providing ministry within jails, hospitals, first responders, schools and more.


Our goal is to provide assistance in making your wedding a memory to treasure. We have a team of chaplains and pastors available and limited venue options – We would love to come alongside you to celebrate your special day. Please download the PDF below for more information, and submit your information to [email protected]