Prayer Ministry

Jesus said……”My house shall be called a house of prayer” Matthew 21:13

Pure Heart’s Prayer Mission: “Always Pray and Never Give Up”  Luke 18:1

Prayer Resources
Continue your prayer journey with the following resources:
There are so many ways to incorporate prayer into your daily routines with your kids!
Not perfect at prayer? That’s ok! If praying with kids is new it’s ok to be honest, “I’m new to this, and I think it’s important so let’s try it”. Your kids have less experience than you, so you can lead them from wherever you’re at!Spend a few seconds praying before they jump out of the car for the school day. Capitalize on the bedtime moments. Had a hard day? Don’t let it stop you! Showing humility and praying “God help me to be a kinder parent, help me to love my kids better” is a totally fine prayer to pray!You can even take the ACTS model and simplify it for kids.A-(adoration) “Wow God you’re… great, perfect, special, etc.”C- (confession) “I’m sorry for…”T- (thanksgiving) “Thanks Jesus for…always being there for me, being so powerful, coming back to life, etc”S- (supplication) “please help me to …love you more…remember I’m a child of God, etc.”
If you desire your kids to learn how to pray, pray for your kids! They will develop a lifestyle of prayer as you model it and bring it into everyday situations.

Prayer Team Opportunities

Prayer Partners – After each weekend service we offer prayer at the front of the auditorium stage. We have a team of “Prayer Partners” who would love to support our family of attendees, whether you need prayer for employment, healing, relationships, encouragement, or comfort. We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today, and we will ask Him to give those gifts during our time of prayer. We also offer listening ears in case you need to talk.

Service Intercessory – Service Intercessory Prayer Teams gather during each weekend service to intercede on behalf of those submitting prayer request during services via the prayer text line, Pastors, Worship team, staff, volunteers, congregation, ministries, community, and nation.

Campus Intercessory Prayer (Prayer Walking) – Serve on-site the Pure Heart Campus through intercessory “prayer walking.” They simply pray for the families, churches, businesses in the community, for this campus in expectancy for God to bring forth His answers.

For further information and to learn how you can join one of these teams contact: [email protected]

Prayer Classes and Events

We believe God is calling our church to a higher level of a deeper understanding of the power of prayer. There will be interesting classes and fun prayer events throughout the year. Be sure to check the calendar of events often and click on the classes or events to register.

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