There are things going on in our world that ignites a fire in your heart.Things beyond these 4 walls that you see, hear, and experience that you can’t stand seeing unchanged. What we know is that God has been creating a desire in you to explore how to take action and make these things right.We invite you to a conversation. A conversation with people that have like passions, joining together to make a difference. A COM Round Table conversation. A sample list of themes include:

Abortion: Focus area may include identifying the needs of those struggling with prior abortion issues, Exploring education on alternative options and needed legislation on pro life issues. 

Abused/Neglected Kids: Focus areas may include exploring ways to assist child victims and families of abuse/neglect. 

Addiction Recovery: Focus areas may include exploring ways to connect individuals to existing Pure Heart support groups and services and looking into additional needs of those who are struggling to overcome dependence to any substance or destructive habits. 

Adult Basic Education: Focus areas will include developing and offering classes in a mentoring context with a practical approach to literacy and GED Prep. 

At-Risk Youth Students/Mentoring/Bullying: Focus on exploring ways to engage with teens in high-risk behavior and circumstances 

Crisis Disaster Relief: Focus areas may include support services on victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, or any other natural disasters or events locally or globally. 

Domestic Violence: Focus areas may include exploring ways we may assist and support victims of violent or aggressive behavior within the family. 

Elderly: Focus areas to may include nutrition, available monetary programs, companionship, grief sharing, and exploring additional support services. 

Foster Kids/Adoption: Focus areas may include kids in foster care as well as the families and case managers that love and serve them. 

Global Missions: Focus areas may include ways to serve alongside others beyond our borders and strengthening our relationships with our existing partners. 

Homelessness: Focus areas may include exploring various homeless populations: teens, adults, single, families, etc. their needs and how to connect them to viable resources. 

Human Trafficking: Focus areas may include serving victims and potential victims of trafficking. Educating and establishing partnerships with government and Faith Based entities, etc. to provide safe havens and support for those affected.