Move: Starting Point

What are the things you are hoping for in the future? Most of us hope things will be a little bit better: deeper relationships, stronger finances, better health, a sense of peace and contentment. Sometimes, we have control over these things and sometimes we don’t. One thing we do have control over is how we spend our time; what we invest our precious minutes, hours, and days in. How will you choose to invest right now? The Move-Starting Point 8-Week Experience gives us an opportunity to discover what it means to become like Jesus for the sake of others and how Pure Heart Church could be a part of our journey. Investing in our spiritual well-being is probably the most important expenditure of our time. It has eternal dividends!

As we embark on this journey, we want to provide a moment to push pause—to set aside time evaluate our life and where we are headed. In Move-Starting Point, we discover what it means to be part of the bigger picture God is creating. We learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and take advantage of some basic habits that will propel us along in our spiritual journey to wholeness. We evaluate where we currently are spiritually, and learn about our God-given personality and spiritual gifts. All throughout this process, we uncover the Beliefs and Heart statements of Pure Heart Church, along with the various ministries of Pure Heart. The result of the 8-week experience is that we will have a good road map for where to go next in our faith journey and a clear picture of how we can come alongside what God is doing through Pure Heart.

We hope you will join us for one of the following MOVE-Starting Point 8-Week Experience.

To register visit our Move Ministry page and search the calendar for the next available class.