Men’s Connect, Women’s Connect, Marriage Central, and Fitness Classes

At Pure Heart we are passionate about creating environments, opportunities, and meaningful experiences for people to take ownership of their faith and take their next growth step with Jesus.  Attending a weekend worship service is a great start – but it’s only a start!  The kind of growth we are talking about isn’t a matter of checking boxes or going through a series of motions.  Growth is an ongoing process.  Joining a community of other like-minded Jesus followers is an important part of this process, and we understand that finding such a community can be difficult. We want to help you find your connection this Fall!

Life Groups
The heart of Life Groups is community! Our group leaders are not experts, teachers, or mentors – they are fellow Jesus followers with a heart to build authentic community.  We have 3 on-campus opportunities to help you discover an ongoing Life Group that is right for you: our Marriage, Men’s, Women’s AM and Women’s PM Connect!  New Connect sessions begin mid-August, last 7 weeks, and are designed to create new on-going Life Groups.  Follow the registration links below for more information and specific details.

Fitness Classes
PH Wellness Fitness Classes provide a unique sense of community while also achieving your personal fitness goals.  Enjoy a variety of opportunities to fit all levels of fitness including those with physical limitations or disability. Class offerings vary and include Group fitness classes, core/flexibility/stability training, and resistance with weights choreographed to music.  New classes begin August 13.  Follow the registration link below for more information and specific class details.