Jesus said go and make disciples in Matthew 28. He didn’t say go and spout words of “wisdom” and hope people listen, he didn’t say go and tell people what to do. He said go and make. Basically He is saying while you are living life and doing your everyday tasks be an example to those around you and show them what a disciple is. Sometimes that is sitting down across the table from someone and sharing life with them and discovering what God is doing in both your lives. Sometimes that is sitting in a circle of people and reading the word and discovering what it means and how to apply it. Sometimes that is simply getting away by yourself to read and pray and listen to what God is telling you and teaching you. There are many aspects of discipleship. It is a growing, learning, stretching, molding process that is essential to your spiritual journey. This “guide” is our attempt at helping you in that process. If you have questions, that is ok, ask and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

Discipleship Handout -Spring 2015


We believe every person no matter where they are fall into one of four categories. While we don’t believe labels are the definitive answer they can be helpful in determining direction for your discipleship process. Think about how you would answer the following questions to help you find where you are on your spiritual journey. When you feel you are satisfied with your direction you then can choose which group best interests you. Every group is  online and up to date with all pertinent information.



You are just starting out with this whole christianity thing..

You have made some mistakes..

You want to figure out some stuff…

EXPLORE is maybe where you are…

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First Steps/Next Steps

First Steps/Next Steps. Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm. A great adventure using God’s word covering four areas. Maybe you are a new christian and want to know how to read the bible or maybe you want to renew your passion for the bible. We will be covering the  basics of Christian belief, discovering the first steps in helping you know God and his plan for you, show you how you can enjoy God’s blessings in all areas of your life and tackling all those difficult questions you may be dealing with right now. You can join anytime. ($5) Sign Up

Men’s Connect

Men’s Connect. Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm. Offers topical Bible study and table conversation on issues facing men.   If you are new to Pure Heart, this is a great opportunity to meet other men while growing in your relationship with Christ.  This class is for you whether you are exploring, growing, pursuing or surrendered to Christ.  (No cost and you can join at any time) ) (Exploring, Growing, Pursuing and Surrender) Sign Up 

Women’s Connect

Women’s Connect. Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm. This class provides an opportunity to explore relevant Scriptural passages and develop the skills to study the Bible for yourself.   If you are new to Pure Heart, this is a great opportunity to meet other women while growing in your relationship with Christ.  This class is for you whether you are exploring, growing, pursuing or surrendered to Christ.  Drop-ins welcomed!  (No cost and you can join at any time) Sign Up 




You have started the journey…

You have taken some steps…

You have a grasp of some basic things but you want more…

GROW is maybe where you are…

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J.A.M. Wednesdays 9:00am-11:00am. This class is for moms to find support and encouragement from other moms.  Sign Up

Marriage Connect

Marriage Connect. Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm. Provides an opportunity to connect with other couples, develop a biblical perspective on your marriage and hone your relationship skills.  The class is structured around table conversations and marriage relevant issues.  Whether you are new to following Christ or followed Him for many years this class will give you skills to help you improve your marriage. ( No cost and you can start anytime) Sign Up 



You have a good foundation…

You are going down the right path…

You want something more…

You want some tools…

PURSUE is maybe where you are…

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Explore The Bible

Explore the Bible. Wednesdays 6:30-8:00pm. Explore the bible is a book-by-book Bible study for all ages that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context. Sign Up 

Defending the Faith

 Defending the Faith. Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm. The purpose of this class is to encourage and equip Christians to share their faith simply, effectively, biblically and confidently. Today’s culture is all about being “Tolerant”, that all individual belief systems are equal and true, but are they? Sign Up

In Depth Bible Study

In Depth Bible Study. Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm. Join others in an in depth, small group discussion of a book of the Bible.  This course is an ongoing exploration of individual books of the Bible through inductive Bible study and group discussion.  This class is for you whether you have been following Christ for a short time or for many years.  (Growing, Pursuing, Surrender) Sign Up

Foundations of Leadership

 Foundations of Leadership is designed for those desiring leadership responsibilities in Life Together Ministries at Pure Heart. Sign Up




You’ve been there..done that…

You’re thinking.. what is next??

You are ready for the next challenge…

SURRENDER is maybe where you are..

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Discipleship Coaching

Anytime, Anywhere. Discipleship Coaching. We want to grow as followers of Jesus and we understand that individuals grow best through  relationships. Discipleship is about building a relationship with someone by talking about life and family, genuinely caring about each other’s needs, praying for one another and sharing God’s story in your life. It can happen anywhere, and at any time.



These are tools that you can use continually and can be used to help you grow in your walk with God no matter where you are right now.

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Discipleship Tools

Scroll down the page to access these tools

Life Together Groups

Life Together Groups. Life is better connected! Pure Heart offers groups which meet in homes during the week.  If you would like to explore joining a small group  email our small groups pastor…  Life Together Groups Page

Support Groups

We offer support, healing, tools and skills to break free from those things that hold us back in life. The Lord desires that his children be set free from sin that keeps us in bondage. Healing and wholeness brings us peace, joy, and greater effectiveness to do the work He has called us to do. For more information contact or call 602-866-8850 ext. 243. Support Groups Page.

Health and Wellness

Our Health & Wellness Ministry leads our church family toward a lifestyle that is both vibrant and healthy.  We are passionate about helping Pure Heart become all that God has called us to be as a church. We know that when we are overweight, addicted to food, or have physical limitations, we lack the energy and endurance we need in our day-to-day lives. Our ministry is here to guide and support you on your road to recovering the healthy and full life you need. Health and Wellness Page.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted, and supplication is made. Prayer is the place of admitting our need, of adopting humility, and claiming dependence upon God. Prayer is the needful practice of the Christian. Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope. Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. We offer many ways to connect through prayer. Want to submit a prayer request, or join our prayer team? Click on our prayer page. Prayer.



Marriage Class

Marriage Classes provides an opportunity to connect with other couples, develop a biblical perspective on your marriage and hone your skills for a mutually fulfilling relationship. A variety of materials will provide the content and opportunity for table conversation. (Saturdays 5:30PM/ Sundays 8:45 & 10:15AM)

High Hopes

High Hopes is a weekly class for our mentally and physically challenged adults and teens. Each person is encouraged to participate as full members of the Body of Christ through sharing and prayer, so that they might grow closer to God. (8:45AM start in the back of auditorium for worship. After worship, dismiss to class.)

Legacy (50+)

Legacy not only provides a place to connect with others, minister through prayer and explore the truth of Scripture; but also is a launching pad for those who have a heart to use their gifts and talents in the Body of Christ. Legacy is for those 50+, but all are welcome. (10:15AM)

The Haven (Singles)

The Haven is community of single men and women of all ages that meet weekly to build community and study the Bible so that they might be transformed into Christ-centered disciples. (11:45AM)

The Breakfast Club (18-27 Year Olds)

For couples and singles age 18-27. Grow in your faith, relationships and enjoy some breakfast with other young adults as you engage in interactive Bible study. (10:15AM)



Nursery (Ages up to 2 years old)

Pure Heart’s Nursery is designed to provide a safe and loving environment for the newest additions to our church family. (No Cost)

Wednesday Wee Kidz (Preschool ages 2-3)

Through music, coloring activities, basic biblical concepts, and more, kids learn we are a unique creation of God and God loves us very much. ($10 per child)

Discover Kidz (Preschool & Kindergarten ages 4-6)

Kids will discover the greatness of God, His Word, and His love through four ‘Big Idea’ concepts and hands-on experiments, art, activities, scripture memorization and more. ($10 per child)

Explorer Kidz (1st & 2nd grade)

Club meetings include large group, team game time, and discipleship small groups. Scripture memorization and take-home sheets encourage families to work together. Parents are encouraged to serve as Field Guides. ($10 per child)

Adventure Kidz (3rd & 4th grade)

Discipleship small groups will have a focus on following Christ daily, worship, missions, serving, and discovering spiritual gifts. Scripture memorization and group projects encourage families to work together. Parents are encouraged to serve as Field Guides. ($10 per child)




5th & 6th Grade

The pre-teen years are a critical time in a young person’s life where they begin to question the real meaning of life. Club 56 is designed to help them discover who they are in Christ while building life together in a solid Christian community. (No Cost)

Junior High & High School

You were never meant to be alone. Come and connect with other teens in a time of worship and relevant teaching filled with drama, games and small group discussion. Youth outreach night: feel free to bring your un-churched friends along as well. (No Cost)






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Discipleship Conversations

Discipleship is about being led by someone, it’s about following a flesh-and-blood person who looks more like Jesus than I do. It’s about learning to do something I don’t know how to do yet, and by doing so submitting myself to someone else’s leadership. Eventually, then, it is about learning to lead, calling others to follow you as you follow Christ. Another way to say it is that everyone looks like a sheep from the front and a shepherd from the back. We can be disciples and make disciples if we acknowledge this reality and embrace it, imitating the lives of those we are following, and calling those we lead to imitate our lives.

We are equipped to be and do like Jesus by another person who is further along in those areas than we are. In other words, discipleship is a directive process.

We want to grow as followers of Jesus and we understand that individuals grow best through relationships. Discipleship is about building a relationship with someone by talking about life and family, genuinely caring about each other’s needs, praying for one another and sharing God’s story in your life. It can happen anywhere, and at any time.

Build Your Relationship:

Prayer: Invite God to join you in your time together.

Care: Talk about life and family and see if there are any pressing needs.

Share: God’s story in your life (present and past) and Scriptures.

Take the Next Steps:

Listen: What is God saying to you?

Decide: What is your next step?

More info

Discipleship Coach Sign Up





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Inductive Bible Study

1. READ: Read through the selected passage.

2. FACTS: Following the writer in the order he tells the story, briefly describe who is involved, what is happening, when and where the events are taking place. Write out brief bullet points of what the facts are from those verses.

3. OBSERVATION: Record information you may find in Bible dictionaries, maps, commentaries & websites (,, etc). Understanding the culture/time will help you discover the meaning of the text. Look up the definition of any words you are not familiar with. Some questions you may ask: Are there words or phrases that are repeated or emphasized? If so, why are they key? Identify any comparisons, such as “Thy kingdom of heaven is like leaven…” What do you know about leaven (yeast)? Identify any contrasts, such as “You have heard it said….but I say to you….” What questions does the story raise? What sources of conflict do you see? What do you learn about God? What is identified as true and important to life? Look closely to observe details.

4. LESSON: What does it mean? Pray. The more you time you take to observe the passage, the more you will have a basis for understanding what God’s Word means. Interpretation always seeks to answer the questions, “What was God saying to the original audience?” and then, “How does that same truth relate to life today?” Asking yourself questions will help you see the spiritual lesson in the text: What does this teach me is true about God? What does it teach me is true about mankind? Is there a command to obey? Is there a promise to claim? Is there a condition to the promise? Is there an example I should follow or avoid? A spiritual lesson is a timeless truth that points to God and speaks to the heart of man. There may be more than one lesson but pick out the lesson that speaks to you the most! Stating the lesson in a sentence of 10 words or less will help you keep it simple and memorable. 

5. APPLICATION: How does the lesson apply to me? Pray. Practicing Biblical truth day-to-day is the only way to grow in Christ and reflect the glory of God. Take the time to examine yourself, and ask: Does this spiritual lesson point out error in my thoughts about God? Does it point to error in my attitude or actions? How does this lesson relate to my home life, my work, my relationships, how I spend my time, etc? Write your application in the form of a question to help make it personal.

6. ACTION: To apply the spiritual lesson you have learned from the text, you have to take deliberate action. What change is required? What practical steps will I take to make that change in my life? Write out what your plan of action is.



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Spiritual Disciplines Guide

Spiritual Habits for Those Pursuing God


We all know we need to develop healthy habits to grow and stay fit.  Watching what we eat, staying active and maintaining other life-enhancing habits does not happen automatically. We have to intentionally choose healthy habits.  The same is true for our spiritual life.  When we respond to God’s invitation to follow Jesus, we do not immediately stop making bad choices and only choose those beliefs, practices and behaviors that move us toward God.  We must develop intentional habits to foster a vibrant relationship with God.  These spiritual disciplines, or habits, have been practiced throughout the history of the church.  There are many disciplines available to us, but for our purposes, we will look at four foundational spiritual habits:  Engaging the Bible, Prayer, Community, and Serving.

We engage the Word of God through:

  • Bible Reading
  • Bible Study
  • Bible Memorization
  • Bible Meditation

Bible Reading provides an overview of the Bible story, identifies key individuals, and helps us see life through God’s eyes. If you are new to the Bible, start by reading through the first four books in the New Testament.  They will provide you with four views from four different authors of the life of Jesus. There are two reasons for starting with Jesus’ story.  First, it is easy to get lost in the sheer bulk and content of the Old Testament.  Second, understanding Jesus’ story will help to make sense of the Old Testament stories.  To focus your reading, ask the following questions:  Who does Jesus claim to be?  What was He trying to accomplish?  What impact does Jesus’ story have on my life?

Bible Study causes us to think about what is said, why it is said, and what it means to our lives.   There is much that can be discussed about studying the Bible, but that would go beyond our present purpose.  We have provided a simple plan for studying the Bible in this guide [See Inductive Study Guide].  The Bible provides a frame of reference for what we believe and how we behave.  Reading and studying the Bible prepare us to see the world through God’s eyes.

Bible Memorization keeps what we have studied present in our mind as we are confronted by life’s pressures and choices.  We cannot always thumb through the Bible for relevant passages while at work or in a crisis situation.  When we memorize Scriptures, the Holy Spirit can bring them to mind in the moment we need them.

Bible Meditation allows us to embrace the ultimate purposes of Scripture—understanding, wisdom, obedience, and connecting with God (Psalms 1:1-6; Psalms 119:9, 11, 24, 105; Hebrews 4:12; Matthew 7:24-27; Proverbs 3:5-6).  The term “meditation” means to gaze intently at something, to ponder.  To meditate on Scripture is to ponder what has been written.  The best way to ponder is by asking questions that reveal the meaning of the passage and the condition of our hearts.  Here are a few examples:

What is the author saying and why is the author saying it?  This question helps me ponder the author’s purpose and the meaning of the text.

What does this look like if I apply it to my life?  So many times the Bible becomes words and stories without a clear relationship or application to our present daily life.  We need to intentionally picture what is being said and how it could be translated into our present world.  For example, in what ways do I allow myself to be tempted like David did when he watched Bathsheba bathe (2 Samuel 11:1-2)?

What questions are raised by this passage?  Rather than skipping over words, phrases and concepts I do not understand, I need to stop and ponder the questions until I have a better understanding.

What is my response what I am reading?  There can be confusion about applying the insights of the passage or a reaction to a challenge to change a belief or a behavior.  My responses will be positive, as well as challenging.  As I ponder my responses I may find that the passage is giving me peace or hope.

Asking questions opens our hearts and minds to visit with God about the passage.  It may be helpful to picture God sitting with you as you consider a Bible passage.  Don’t hesitate to talk with God about your questions and thoughts, but be sure to stop, be still and listen for what He might be saying to you.

It’s time to practice by meditating on the following passages:

Romans 5:6-10:  This is a great passage on God’s love for people.  Here are a few questions to start with.

  • What do you learn about God’s love from this passage?
  • What is your response to the claim that God loved you while you were helpless, a sinner and His enemy?
  • What in your past shaped your responses to this passage?

Try forming your own questions.  There are no limits to the questions you can ask!  The goal is to create a moment where God can speak into your life.

Psalm 1:1-6:  Now it’s your turn!  Meditate on this short Psalm, asking questions and listening for the whispers of God.


Prayer is a conversation with God and is similar to conversations we have with other people.  We express ourselves to Him and listen for what He has to say to us.  It is easy to focus on the differences between our conversations with God and people—they have a physical presence that we can see, touch and hear.  Yet, being physically with someone does not automatically result in communication.  Time, distractions, and broken relationships all impact our conversations with others, as well as with God.  The following prayer habits help us face and overcome the barriers to communication with God.

The first steps in prayer are learning to visit with God about more than just our needs and wants.  Prayer is a conversation about all aspects of our lives and relationship with God.  A.C.T.S. is a simple method to remind us to talk with God about more than what we think He needs to do for us.

(A)doration is talking with God about who He is and what He has done.  Another word for adoration is worship.  As we rehearse who God is and what He does, we are led to be in awe about His beauty, wisdom, power and love which draws us to trust, love and surrender.

(C)onfession is agreeing with God about our sin.  Confession is not about shame, but honesty.  When we hide our sin, we put a wall between ourselves and God affecting our connection and communication with Him.  We do not have to hide our sin because the death and resurrection of Jesus has completely dealt with guilt and punishment resulting from our sin

(T)hanksgiving frees us from self-absorption and creates a heart of gratitude.  Gratitude opens our hearts to hear and respond to God.

(S)upplication brings the details of life before God, knowing He loves us and cares for the things we care about.  In addition, supplication generates humility and trust as we acknowledge that we need God’s provision and protection in this fallen and broken world.

Other forms of prayer help us confront the distractions, face our brokenness and deal with the obstacle to communication with God.   Three of these prayer habits are Silence, Solitude, and Daily Reflection.

Silence is being quiet, believing we are in the presence of God and listening for Him to speak.  Prayer that is only me talking is one-sided and misses what God has to say.  A common experience when we begin to practice silence is that the silence can be deafening as our inner voices demand to be heard in the stillness.  They will quiet down over time providing you a place of rest and an opportunity to listen.  A good place to start practicing silence is at the beginning of your time with God.  Try sitting still for one minute before you pray or read.

Solitude is when we withdraw from the presence of others to seek and listen for God.  We may find solitude is a quiet spot in our home or a walk in nature.  You can read Scripture or ponder an issue you are facing.  There is no set amount of time needed to profit from solitude.  The goal is to withdraw to listen to God, taking the time needed to accomplish this.  It is recommended to have a journal or another way of recording thoughts you have during times of silence and solitude for future reflection.

Daily Reflections are those moments when we stop during the day and ask God how we are doing.  At noon and before going to sleep at night are great times to reflect on the day.  By stopping throughout the day we create a habit of thinking about our thoughts and actions rather than reacting and mentally coasting.  Daily reflections keep me ready to confess, repent and act as a follower of Christ.  Again, this is not about shame, but about honesty that leads to growth and transformation.


We need other Christ-followers (disciples) as we seek to follow Christ ourselves.  Read these passages and identify the benefits of being in community with other disciples:  Hebrews 10:24; Ephesians 4:15-16; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.  While most people would acknowledge that value of having people in our lives that encourage, support, hold us accountable, and challenge us, we struggle to form and maintain these kinds of deep relationships.  Take some time to evaluate this area of your life and make a plan to cultivate Christ-centered relationships.


  • Who would you call if you were struggling with your faith?  Who would you call if you were facing a crisis, such as going to the hospital?  Every believer needs at least one person that they could call.
  • What are the obstacles to community for you?
  • What have been your experiences with Christian community in the past, or in the present?  Identify your good and bad experiences of community.

Develop a Plan:

Are you currently in community with other Christians?  If not, what do you need to do to move toward community?

At Pure Heart, there are numerous ways to join community.  Look at the partial list below and identify those that interest you:

  • Small Groups
  • On-site Classes
  • Helping in Next Gen, Weekend Connect Team, etc.
  • Getting to know those who sit around you in the weekend service.

How could you take advantage of one of these community opportunities?

What can you do this week?  This month?


The final foundational spiritual habit to develop is that of serving others.  There is a fundamental principle in Scripture – we are to give as we have been given, bless as we have been blessed and serve as Jesus has served us.  It is a principle that our spiritual health requires that we give out in service. From the beginning, humans were given the beauty of the earth to enjoy, but also the responsibility to represent God in this world.  Abraham was blessed by God so that he could bring blessings to the world.  Another important role serving plays in our spiritual health is to protect us from self-centered discipleship.  Many come to Christ out of desperate need, looking for solutions to their problems.  It is easy to develop the perspective that being a Christian is about getting the life I want and expecting God to deliver it.   Serving reminds me that as important as I am to God, the world does not revolve around me.  What role should serving have in your life?  To begin, let’s look at what serving isn’t.

Serving is not . . .

  • Restricted to those who are mature, have no problems and are Bible scholars.  If you are a follower of Christ, then God is asking you to serve His purposes.
  • Saying yes every time you are asked to do something.  Serving is part of the rhythm of a healthy Christian life.  To be healthy we need a balance between rest, leisure and work, as well as giving and receiving.
  • God testing us by asking us to do things we hate.  While serving involves sacrifice, risk and hard work, God normally asks us to serve Him with the gifts, talents and abilities He has been forming in us over a lifetime.

Explore how God wants to use you by . . .

  • Serving in an entry-level ministry in the church, such as Pure Heart’s Connect Ministry, Local Outreaches and #PHCommunity Days which happen twice each year.
  • Visit with those involved in ministries you are drawn to.
  • Fill out the Serving Central opportunity form.
  • Help with the children and youth, participate in a Small Group, or facilitate one.
  • Take the “Design” or “Shape” Personality/Spiritual Gift Profiles to explore how God may be asking you to serve Him, His Church and His Kingdom.  Contact Pastor Roger Hornbeck at or Pastor Ryan Goebel at to access one of these Personality/Spiritual Gift Profiles.


Like the development of all healthy habits, spiritual habits do not form instantly or effortlessly.  Don’t despair if it takes time to regularly engage God through the Bible, prayer, community or serving.  Just keep moving toward Him!  God is delighted, like a Father, with every step you take.  It is important to keep moving toward Him.

A final thought . . .

We are all different and will develop these habits in ways that reflect our personality.  Introverts will spend more time alone in study, meditation, prayer and even in their serving.  They may find community with a few people.  Extroverts, on the other hand, will probably develop habits that are more social.  That’s okay.  Some will engage through nature or while sitting with a cup of coffee or tea in a comfortable chair.  The goal is to develop the habit of Bible engagement, prayer, community and serving.  May God be with you as you pursue Him!



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Set up for youversion live services: 

YouVersion Live gives you a way to interact with our church services and other live events using your mobile device.

You can follow along with message outlines and take notes, read related Bible verses and click through to the expanded passage, vote on a poll and see the results live, ask questions anonymously, give, request prayer, and take it all home with you on your phone.

So if you have a smart device, get the YouVersion Bible app via the apple store or google play and check out Pure Hearts live events.   Here are instructions of how to get started.


  1. Open the YouVersion Bible app on your smart device. If you have not downloaded the app, you can find it on the google play or IOS App Store.
  2. In the home menu select the option for “live”
  3. Then select “Search for Live Event”
  4. If your device automatically reads your GPS location, it should provide you with all of the options for churches in your area using Live Events.
  5. If your device does not read your GPS location, type in “pureheart” or “85306” in the search area and you should gain access to Pure Heart’s live events
  6. Select the Live Event that has “Weekend Worship”  plus the current date with Pure Heart Christian Fellowship under the event title.
  7. Have Fun!!!

For more information about YouVersion go to

download youversion from Google Play

download you version from the Apple Store 



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Weekly Discussion Questions

The  discipleship questions are based off the weekly teaching from Saturday and Sunday.Questions