Classes Start 1/16/19

When thinking about marriage how do you prepare? Is it all just about the wedding details or do you invest time into really getting to know your soon to be spouse?

Go with me for a moment, when getting a degree what are the steps you need to take in order to get your diploma… schooling (at least 2 years most likely). When you get pregnant you have typically 9 months to prepare for a baby. But really, how do you prepare for a FOREVER marriage?!

After the BIG day, some couples aren’t sure what to do, now that they are actually married. When the “honeymoon” phase is over you may be wondering where the spark went. Or, it might be after a few kids are in the picture and you now are living just like roommates.

At Becoming One premarital we dive deep into what marriage is all about. We discuss tools and insights of how to prepare for an amazing marriage that God designed and how we were designed, each individually as man and woman. We ask each other some hard, deep questions that couples could face.

We cover topics such as what it means for marriage to be a covenant instead of a contract. We talk about being equally yoked with each other, having spiritual gifts and how to use them in our relationship. Roles are also a big part of marriage. Sometimes we come into our marriage with specific expectations based on how we were raised or what the world says it should be. We talk about God’s picture for the roles of husband and wife.

Of course, we talk about SEX. Okay, there I said it! But not in the way the world describes. We talk about purity, how to walk through our sexual past, and how God has designed sex for our good!

We talk about love languages and personality types to better equip you in understanding each other and celebrating your differences.

Courting, premarital, or just revamping your marriage hope to see you at Becoming One Premarital to help prepare & set your marriage up for success for the long haul.

 Classes Start 1/16/19