Do you feel called to join the Worship Team here at Pure Heart? Do you have the desire to minister and serve God & others in leading Worship through the gift of Music?

Please join us for our Worship Team Auditions, Saturday October 20th from 9:00am-11:00am.

The Worship Team is for anyone who is gifted in the area of music or singing and feels called and wants to get plugged in to join our worship team family. As part of the Vocal Team, each week we meet to rehearse the songs for that weekend and have fellowship together. As part of the Band and Vocals serving that weekend, we meet for prayer, fellowship, discipleship, and training; followed by rehearsal for the songs that weekend. We also have several other Worship Teams that are covered by this Audition: Youth Worship Team, Legacy Worship Team, Children’s Worship Team.

The October 20th date is for Vocals Only, however, we are looking for more band members too!

Please sign up using the same link and we will contact you separately to setup an audition for the band.